In order to help us to find the best possible household helper for you, please fill in the form below.

We will be happy to provide you with any further information you may require. You can reach us by telephone from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm, on 02 731 13 00. Outside these opening hours, please send us a message.

Please note that you must already be registered as a Service Cheques user with SODEXO and have a valid user number.

If you do not yet have a Service Cheques user number, it will only take a few minutes to register on the SODEXO website for the region where you live:
Flanders, Brussels, Wallonia.

If you have any questions about how service cheques work, we recommend that you read
our FAQ section (French only), where you'll find a lot of useful information.

Do you have a special status (diplomat, NATO, EU Institutions worker, etc.) and no INSZ (national register number) ? Based on our experience, we can assist you in the process of creating your account with SODEXO.

Please note that the use of our services implies your agreement to our terms and conditions.

What next ?

Here's an overview of our selection process to ensure you get the best possible household help as quickly as possible.

We register your request

We register your request. We examine every detail of your request and check its compatibility with our immediate availability. We get back to you promptly (usually within 24 working hours) with a proposal. If we don't have immediate availability, we'll keep you informed of our short-term possibilities and may propose a temporary solution.

November 24, 1999

We plan the services of your household help

We make our best to adhere strictly to these criteria. If we need to deviate from these criteria in order to respond more quickly to your request, we will provide you with all the necessary information to enable you to give your approval. With your agreement, we schedule the first services of your household helper.

November 24, 1999

We evaluate your satisfaction before submitting our collaboration agreement.

Because we know that it's almost impossible to form an opinion after just one service, we allow up to 3 services to pass before discussing your level of satisfaction with you and sending you our collaboration agreement. If something doesn't work out with the selected household helper, we'll look for a better solution for you.

November 24, 1999
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